Work field and knowledge

Credit Management is one of my key strengths in which I’m capable of quickly understanding the company specific processes and therefore delivering immediate output. Creating overview and structure or resolving backlogs can be entrusted to me but of course also supplying regular support.
Besides the necessary knowledge I’m very driven to create extraordinary results.

As a result of experiences at companies like Heineken, Lekkerland, Campina, etc. I’m used to work with large customer accounts containing a diversity of cases where follow-up and collection activities are necessary.

The entire Credit Management process containing credit limits and –blocks, posting payments, reconcile payment and dunning have been encountered. More complex circumstances with back logs, false clearings and changing processes have increased the challenge.

I’m result driven and “less talk, more work” is certainly applied to me. My curiosity makes me constantly strive for more efficiency and a higher output. I have a fairly direct approach but in a nice way and a little self-minded. 

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